Bargain shopping! (22+6)


While I might have failed at sales shopping earlier in the week (bought lots of lovely things but all full price – oops) today I have redeemed myself.

Today my asos maternity coat arrived – just in time really, as I was really struggling to do up my smart coat and was wondering what I would wear to school next week. Having only ordered it on Thursday, I’m pretty impressed that it turned up today. Good work, Asos!

I am, however, pretty glad I went for the size 10 as it’s huge! I know I have a lot more growing to do, so I’m sure I’ll need it, but at the moment it feels like I have a LOT of room. Luckily though, I don’t think it looks like a tent, which lots of maternity coats seem to. So I’m really pleased!


The other bargain of the day is from the Babies R Us sale – these gro bags were reduced almost to half price. Everybody I have spoken to swears by them so I knew they were definitely on my list. Seeing them half price was a real stroke of luck. I was a little concerned earlier in the week when I saw them in T.K.Maxx – I thought they might be cheaper there but they weren’t! Good news. It’s worth remembering though – they were only a pound or so more there.


So today I am feeling rather smug about how much money I’ve saved. Which may soon go out the window as I have fallen in love with a different pram. And unfortunately this one is an icandy… More on that later!


2 thoughts on “Bargain shopping! (22+6)

  1. Lovin’ the coat and the bargains! Just to let you know the Angel care monitor (best reviewed one) is now £64 on Amazon…another bargain (should be £100) find if you are on monitor phase. Thought I would get back in contact as we have demo’d the uppababy vista and…..that’s the one. Much like a bride and a dress – I think we’ve found the one. I would recommend you go and do a demo just to rule it out if anything : ) Happy pregnancy again.

    • Thank you so much! I *think* I’m being given/buying an Angel care monitor from a friend, so hoping to not have to buy one new. Today I’ve been looking at breast pumps (!) as they’re half price in Babies R Us too. I feel like that is a step beyond where I am right now though! Good news about the Uppababy Vista. I’ll have a look, although I really like 3 wheel ones and I have a feeling that it might not fold down quite small enough for us. I’m currently watching reviews of it on youtube as I type!! Thanks for the advice x

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