…having a very very lazy New Year’s Day with the wind and rain howling outside…

I’m having a baby this year! Eek!

And at last I feel like I’m just beginning to look like it too – yesterday was spent trying to find maternity jumpers that I can wear to school (I love H&M…my bank balance now doesn’t!) and today I ordered a maternity coat from Asos that was an absolute friggin bargain – £80 reduced to £24. Which fulfils one of my new year’s resolutions: to get better control of my finances.

Other resolutions are to get fitter again – two new pregnancy fitness DVDs should help with that – and to write some of my book every week. I’m so undisciplined about it at the moment… I’ll do a review of the pregnancy DVDs when I’ve had a good go at them.

New year was lovely, but a little odd – I don’t think I’ve had a New Year’s Eve without a drink since I was about 12! We stayed in and had a couple of friends over for food and drink and general cosiness which was perfect. I pretended to join in drinking alcohol free Kopperberg which was very tasty, but left me with a bit of a sugar hangover this morning!

Things are ticking along nicely with the pregnancy; Christmas was great and felt very special knowing it will be our last as just a couple. Next year we are trying to orchestrate staying at home for Christmas (we go away EVERY year and tour all the different bits of families) as we would love to have our baby’s first Christmas in our own home. Bit early to be thinking about that though…

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and is as excited about the new year as I am!


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