Millar’s beautiful baptism

At the end of October, most of our friends and family came together to finally properly celebrate Millar being here. I didn’t ever have a baby shower – I don’t really have any problem with the concept, but when it came to deciding whether I wanted one, it felt like jinxing things – or tempting fate. It seemed too soon to be celebrating. The plan was always to have a party for my friends soon after his arrival. But with the world-altering chaos of a newborn baby, a party was the last thing on my mind.

So a baptism seemed like the perfect time to get everyone together and take a moment to take stock and marvel at what an awesome little boy Millar is.

We had the baptism at a beautiful church in the town where we live and luckily they were happy for my dad to take the service. I know he was so honoured to be able to baptise his own grandson.

Organising it was quite tough, particularly while looking after a 5 month old baby… Pretty much every time Millar went down for a nap, I got another batch of scones made. On the morning of the day, we had two godparents on cream and jamming duties, while various other grandparents and aunts and uncles helped get the hall ready. It was a true team effort.

Millar was a star – he only cried a little when the water was poured on his head, then was happy and chirpy all afternoon through what turned out to be a very late night for him! He received the most beautiful and generous presents and is honestly the luckiest little boy in the world.

I didn’t want to dress him in a traditional christening gown, so I bought a gorgeous little dungarees set by Emile et Rose from poshtots online and he had an amazing pair of shoes that he was given when he was born, from tiny feet.

I want to share some of the photos with you but first I have to just give particular credit to my amazing Aunty, Joan Warlow, who made the absolutely stunning cake. She is one hell of a talented lady.









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