Millar is half a year old!

milestone card 6 months

My little Millarmonkey is 6 months old! (And a week or so – bad mummy/blogger!)

I now get the whole time flying thing. I am also loving this age – it’s so much more fun than a newborn baby. Obviously I loved him when he was all teeny and squishy, but now that I can actually play with him, we are having a whale of a time!

So at 6 months, this is what Millar can do and has been up to:

He has been on holiday to the Lake District.


He has now had three colds – yes, THREE! Including one at the moment. I wish it would sod off actually, as poor baby can’t breathe at night.

He now naps really well in the day.

recently night times have been terrible but I’m blaming the cold and teething for that and hoping things go back to normal.

He weighs almost 18lbs!

He has a tooth.

He can roll over – and over and over until he gets to where he wants to be. Usually, where he shouldn’t be. I think this is how things will continue!


He loves to make loud noises – either by hitting things, squealing or shouting REALLY LOUD!!


He can sit up! He can sit really securely now without anything behind him – this has been a really big thing for me.

He adores his daddy. But Daddy is too fun to get him to sleep. So night time wakings are Mummy’s job.

He has started eating food! This was his first meal (pitta bread, melon and cheese!)

first meal

He is getting much better at eating – we are doing baby led weaning, which I will write more about soon, but he likes to feed himself yoghurt and this morning he experienced porridge!



I’ll write a proper post soon, but didn’t want 6 months to go unmarked!


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