The Wonder Weeks

I heard about The Wonder Weeks when I was pregnant. I remember someone recommending the app to Hannah Maggs at some point on Twitter and I made a bit of a mental note of it. During the seemingly endless days in hospital when Millar was born, I downloaded the app; at that stage, he was weeks away from the first leap, but it was good to read about what was to come.

I recently downloaded The Wonder Weeks book onto my kindle too as I wanted to know more about each leap – I’m really enjoying reading in detail about all the things Millar will be able to do after the next leap.

The Wonder Weeks is a book detailing the developmental leaps all babies go through at specific times. They may vary slightly in timing, but if you get the app and load your baby’s details including their due date (not their birth date) then it should be pretty accurate.


The early leaps were all tied in with reflux and a generally unhappy baby, but in the last few I’ve really noticed the difference. It explains the periods where your baby may be more fussy or clingy, as the world as they knew it alters before their eyes again.

I have particularly noticed this most recent one that Millar is bang in the middle of right now. He is so cranky – he’s getting cross with everything. He throws his toy on the floor, then cries because he doesn’t have it anymore. This is all part of the developmental leap. He is currently learning about relationships – learning that something that was close is now further away and he would like it to come back! It’s fascinating to watch (if a little tiring!)

He has just learnt to roll properly too. He rolled for the first time weeks ago, but he now rolls over and over again, purposefully, to get to a toy he wants. Thinking about it, this must be mind blowing for him. Before a couple of days ago, he lay where I put him and stayed put. Now, he’s suddenly realised he can move himself where he wants to go and the world must seem like a very different place. No wonder he’s cranky! (He has a cold too, which doesn’t help!)


Having The Wonder Weeks app doesn’t change the fact that you have a grizzly baby on your hands, sadly. But I have found that understanding a little bit more about why they are being like that, and what they will be able to do afterwards, makes me a bit more sympathetic and helps me deal with it.

So we have another couple of weeks of the current leap to go, although in my experience they aren’t grumpy for the whole period – there are usually spikes of grizzliness and then relative calm in between. Last time he was back to his sunny, chirpy self about a week before the app said the leap would finish. I’m not complaining!


2 thoughts on “The Wonder Weeks

  1. How fascinating! That must be a really cool app. I can definitely see how it would make a new mother more empathetic toward their baby. It can be so overwhelming for a new mom that they sometimes forget how completely overwhelming everything is to a new baby. What a great resource!

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