Week 27 Pregnancy Update

I haven’t done one of these updates for a while, so I thought it would be nice to catch up on how my pregnancy is going and what’s changed.

26 weeks and 3 days

Weight gain:
Oh I don’t know. More than I’d like, but it could be worse. I don’t weigh myself, so I’ll keep myself in the dark!

Maternity clothes:
…are pretty much all I fit into now! I have lots of pairs of jeans and a couple of pairs of jeggings from Sainsbury’s (I went to get some more in another colour as I love them so much!). I bought a pair of work trousers from a rather dubious website, which, when I received them, had all the labels cut out. I’d be more concerned if I didn’t really like them – but they’re great! Smart and over the bump, so I can stay comfortable at all times. I’ve also bought a couple of maternity tops in the Jojo Maman Bebe sale (and a few cheeky baby clothes while I was there too!) – one is a wraparound top which is lovely but  a little low cut – too much so for school anyway! The other is a smart shirt style patterned top which is really comfortable and has loads of room for me to grow. Other than that, and a couple of jumpers for school from H&M, I think everything else is the same as it was.

Stretch marks:
None so far – fingers crossed! I’m using Palmers Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark cream at night, as it’s really thick and takes a while to dry, then Bert’s Bees Mama Bee Tummy Butter in the morning, as it’s so light and easily-absorbed. These seem to be working well so far.

I’ve just written a post on sleep for the blog that I contribute to over at Mummy & Little Me. It’s not too bad, but I’m having to be propped up with lots of pillows and have to sleep with a pillow between my knees to ease the pelvic pain I’m getting. Also – THE craziest dreams. EVER.

Still mainly walking the dog, but I’m enjoying my fitness DVDs and mostly do the 10 minute solutions Pilates one when I’m at school and therefore not getting out dog-walking. I’d still like to do more, but swimming is less appealing now that I have pelvic pain as I’m not allowed to do breast-stroke and I’m appalling at all other strokes.

Best moment this week:
My Lazy Daisy class. It was the fourth week of a six week course, but things just seemed to click this time. I was able to breathe more naturally and then at the end, we do a sort of hypnobirthing relaxation session, with lots of positive mental images. This week, for the first time, I felt myself slipping into true relaxation. In the past, it’s always seemed a bit forced and awkward and I could never fully relax. They’re absolutely brilliant and I’ve signed up for another term of them. I fully recommend them if you have them near you. It’s a quarter of the price of hypnobirthing and I think it’s brilliant.

Worst moment this week:
Having to have time off work from my pelvic pain. It’s really debilitating. Having said that, a really interesting physio session, some careful management, an amazing Anita Maternity Babybelt and some specific exercises (and some rest) have helped a lot.

Miss anything?
Not especially. Again, running and riding my horse have been regular features on the list of things I miss since I stopped doing them. I’d say proper, get your heart pumping, make you red in the face, hardcore exercise would be high up this week.

Lots! Baby is moving consistently every day now, although he likes to scare me every now and again and have a quiet day. As I type this, with my laptop on my legs and resting against the bottom of my bump, I can feel him wriggling and squirming away. Sometimes the kicks feel really low down, almost as if he is trampolining on my cervix. That’s a little unpleasant, but mostly I just find all the movements a little ticklish and quite funny. I love that Mark can feel them regularly now too. And we even saw some kicks yesterday – Baby was doing very odd things to my belly!

Food cravings:
Not particularly. I still love bacon and salty foods, but am wanting a lot more chocolate again now. Not helping with the weight gain!

Pelvic pain (sorry to go on about it!) Also being very forgetful and feeling very tired. I also feel like my heart rate is quite fast – I’m going to ask the midwife about that at my next appointment.

Good, generally! I find that I get stressed and emotional much more easily than I would normally though. Something fairly trivial will cause a huge stress and have me in floods of tears. Which is odd.

Looking forward to:
Half term! Mark and I are going to have a few days away. I don’t know if you can call it a Babymoon – although it will be the last time we go away just as a couple. We’re going up to Yorkshire for a few days and staying with his aunt and uncle (saving pennies!!). The plan is to do a bit of walking in the Dales, spend a day in York and generally do some touristy stuff, like go to some museums etc. I can’t wait!

I’m going to do a proper post on my Lazy Daisy classes and how I’ve found those. So I’ll be back soon!

Sorry the picture’s so dark – I don’t really have the facilities to take bump pictures when I’m away! But here’s my very low, slightly pointy boy bump!



Me in other places

It feels a little greedy, as I’ve only been blogging my pregnancy for a short while and don’t have nearly as much time as I’d like to really commit to it…but I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity to blog regularly on two other sites as well recently. One is for my good friend Rachel over at The Little Pip, where I have been blogging this week about my horrendous hormonal pregnancy skin. The other is at Mummy and Little Me, where I’m one of several weekly bloggers – some pregnant and some with children. This week I blogged about why I play classical music (loudly) to my baby.

I’d love it if you popped over and had a look at these – I try not to duplicate any content so it should all be new and fresh 🙂


25+3 weeks

This has been quite the most exhausting week. We moved into our own house and are trying to get used to everything there, at the same time as coping with crippling pelvic pain. I’m seeing the physio tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get some kind of relief from that!

One lovely thing this week – I ordered a couple of new maternity tops for work from the Jojo Maman Bebe sale and had totally forgotten that I had slipped a couple of baby clothes into my basket that just seemed too cute I pass up. I am being good though and now buying more 3-6 month clothes. It’s not AS exciting, as I know he won’t be able I wear them for ages…but they are adorable. Here is what I discovered in my parcel – it was like Christmas as I forgotten all about them!

This is a cute little long sleeve top I got for £4. I love the little poppers and the collar!

And then there are these gorgeous little leggings with feet which I just couldn’t resist! Again only £4.

And lastly these little cord pull-ups – how cute are they? And only £6!
Can’t believe I’d forgotten I’d ordered all this. Severe case of baby brain!!

I have a more substantial post to come when I can muster the energy…for now I neeeeeed sleep.

A baby haul! (24+3 weeks)


The amazing clothes I picked up second hand today – they are several layers deep in this photo!

I have so many posts that I’m longing to write, but this week has been utterly chaotic and I just haven’t had any time. We are moving house at the weekend, having spent the last couple of weeks finalising very awkward details in the purchase. It’s our first house, so we are so so excited to be moving in on Saturday!

But that meant coming to school this morning was really frustrating. I desperately want to be at home, getting organised for the move. There’s definitely a reason I’ve always moved in school holidays in the past!

Baby-wise, I had a very exciting evening tonight. I went to see a friend whose youngest baby is 9 months now, so she is selling all her baby stuff. She has two boys and a house full of brilliant things.

For the bargain price of £93, I picked up the following:

  • A White Company Moses basket and stand, with a mattress
  • A travel carry-cot
  • a bouncing rocker chair thing
  • A baby donut – to plonk him in to play when he’s bigger, but not able to fully support himself sitting up
  • A musical baby gym
  • A Baby Bjorn carrier
  • A car mirror
  • A changing bag
  • Some teething toys
  • A huge bag full of muslins, towels and flannels
  • Loads of baby socks
  • A big stash of baby clothes ranging from 0-6 months
  • Two gro-bag style sleeping bags

Writing it here now, I can’t quite believe how lucky I’ve been. We’re buying a maxi-cosi cabriofix car seat and base from a friend too for just £50, so we really are doing rather well for stuff now. My mum also announced this evening that she would like to buy our pushchair for us, which I really wasn’t expecting. Everyone is just being so generous. It’s already making me think that when I’m in the position that my friends are in and have finished with all my stuff, I desperately want to help someone else out, as we have been helped.

So it’s been a pretty productive day!

I’ve been doing my pregnancy pilates most days this last week, so I will post a review of my opinions of the DVD as soon as I can.

24 weeks

Today feels like quite a big milestone. 24 weeks. The point at which my baby is considered a viable human being who they would try to keep alive if I were to go into labour from now on. Obviously I’d rather he hung on for another 16 weeks!
Only another 3 weeks of my second trimester left. Still waiting for the pregnancy glow – skin is so bad I chopped my head off today’s bump picture!!


Week 23+3

Today I am exhausted. Totally and utterly. I’m sure I have worse yet to come and I have no idea what sleepless nights with a baby are like, but right now, this evening, I feel shattered.

Today was my first day back at school after Christmas. I only work three days a week in school but it always feels as though I cram a full five day week into those days so it’s still pretty hard work. And on a Wednesday, I get up at 5am to drive here – then stay in a school flat on Wednesday and Thursday nights and drive back home after school on Friday.

But I counted today that I only have 10 more Wednesday morning ‘get-ups’ until I go on maternity leave. Which is crazy.

It’s been a rocky end to the holiday. We were supposed to be completing on our new house last week and moving in at the weekend. Due to some professional cock ups we didn’t. But we’re still aiming for next weekend – which, being in the middle of term time, when I spend most of my weekends private tutoring, is far from ideal…but I’m desperate to be in!

Additionally, on Saturday I had my first real pregnancy related scare. Mark gave me some beautiful long leather boots for Christmas and after a tutoring session on Saturday, I put them on and noticed one was much tighter than the other. I thought it was odd as it definitely hadn’t been before. I got home, felt again, and found the same thing. Just out of interest, I got a tape measure out and measured both of my calves. My left one was over a centimetre bigger than the right.

Normally I would just ignore this and see if it went away, but I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind, and I remembered my midwife giving me a leaflet on the increased chance of blood clots in pregnancy. I ummed and ahhed and consulted google –  never a good idea, as that would have had me believing that I definitely had DVT. In the end, I rang NHS direct, who were great and asked me dozens of questions. Answering them made me think that probably it was nothing, as I said no to nearly everything they asked. But as I am pregnant and one leg was swollen, they wanted me to see an out of hours GP to have it checked out.

That meant that at 9.30 on a Saturday evening, when my poor boyfriend was supposed to be out having a drink with his best friend, we were sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, wondering whether or not I had a blood clot. This and the added alarm of the woman who marched out of the doctor’s room and her friend said ‘So you’re in quarrantine then?’ and she replied – ‘No – I’m not in quarrantine – only if someone’s pregnant!’ I felt myself shrink into my coat, clutching my little bump protectively. I kept well away!

To cut a long story short, the doctor prodded and poked my legs, measured them (having had my feet up all evening the difference in measurements had gone down a lot) and took my blood pressure. All seemed fine, and I’m pretty sure he thought I was a hyperchondriac. I’m really not. But this pregnancy thing makes little worries into big worries, as it’s not just my health to think about.

Also this week – I attended my first Lazy Daisy birthing class. I’ll do a proper post about it another time, but I really really loved it and would recommend it to anyone. It’s a mixture of hypnobirthing techniques and yoga, with some movement repetition and deep relaxation. It was so informative as well – I learnt things about labour and the experience of giving birth that I had never considered and we were given techniques on how to prepare our bodies for labour through stretching. It feels a bit early to be doing it, but they recommend starting early as your body will naturally perform the movements and slip into the relaxed state more easily.

I’ve also been doing my pregnancy exercise DVDs and will do reviews of those too. I have done one of them more than the others, as it’s a quicker workout, although I’ve brought a 10 minute solutions pregnancy pilates dvd with me to school, so I might have a go at one of those in a minute and see if it gives me a little more energy.

And at 23+3 weeks, I finally told the kids at school about my pregnancy. The sixth formers were pretty indifferent, although one of the girls stayed behind to congratulate me afterwards, and the year 7s and 8s were wildly excitied, demanding to know lots of details and quickly asking if I would name the baby after them. It was very sweet.

But this is why I had to tell the children – this is me in my school outfit today – eek!


Excuse the slippers – it’s been a long day!

Bargain shopping! (22+6)


While I might have failed at sales shopping earlier in the week (bought lots of lovely things but all full price – oops) today I have redeemed myself.

Today my asos maternity coat arrived – just in time really, as I was really struggling to do up my smart coat and was wondering what I would wear to school next week. Having only ordered it on Thursday, I’m pretty impressed that it turned up today. Good work, Asos!

I am, however, pretty glad I went for the size 10 as it’s huge! I know I have a lot more growing to do, so I’m sure I’ll need it, but at the moment it feels like I have a LOT of room. Luckily though, I don’t think it looks like a tent, which lots of maternity coats seem to. So I’m really pleased!


The other bargain of the day is from the Babies R Us sale – these gro bags were reduced almost to half price. Everybody I have spoken to swears by them so I knew they were definitely on my list. Seeing them half price was a real stroke of luck. I was a little concerned earlier in the week when I saw them in T.K.Maxx – I thought they might be cheaper there but they weren’t! Good news. It’s worth remembering though – they were only a pound or so more there.


So today I am feeling rather smug about how much money I’ve saved. Which may soon go out the window as I have fallen in love with a different pram. And unfortunately this one is an icandy… More on that later!


…having a very very lazy New Year’s Day with the wind and rain howling outside…

I’m having a baby this year! Eek!

And at last I feel like I’m just beginning to look like it too – yesterday was spent trying to find maternity jumpers that I can wear to school (I love H&M…my bank balance now doesn’t!) and today I ordered a maternity coat from Asos that was an absolute friggin bargain – £80 reduced to £24. Which fulfils one of my new year’s resolutions: to get better control of my finances.

Other resolutions are to get fitter again – two new pregnancy fitness DVDs should help with that – and to write some of my book every week. I’m so undisciplined about it at the moment… I’ll do a review of the pregnancy DVDs when I’ve had a good go at them.

New year was lovely, but a little odd – I don’t think I’ve had a New Year’s Eve without a drink since I was about 12! We stayed in and had a couple of friends over for food and drink and general cosiness which was perfect. I pretended to join in drinking alcohol free Kopperberg which was very tasty, but left me with a bit of a sugar hangover this morning!

Things are ticking along nicely with the pregnancy; Christmas was great and felt very special knowing it will be our last as just a couple. Next year we are trying to orchestrate staying at home for Christmas (we go away EVERY year and tour all the different bits of families) as we would love to have our baby’s first Christmas in our own home. Bit early to be thinking about that though…

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and is as excited about the new year as I am!