Millar’s 2 month update

People always start these posts with something along the lines of ‘I can’t believe little X is X months old already! Where has the time gone?’ I’m sure one day I’ll feel like this, but to be quite honest, the last two months have been bloomin’ hard and I can probably tell you exactly where the time has gone! When you spend the first six weeks just getting through each day, the weeks go quite slowly!

But Mark is now on summer holidays and Millar is being a lot more happy and fun to be around (and is on drugs – more on that later!), which is making life a lot easier and being a mummy a whole lot more enjoyable. So Millar is now 2 months (and 9 days) old and I though I would do a little update on how he’s getting on.

Size and Weight
Millar is a chunk! He was 7lbs 15oz when he was born and dropped down to 7lbs during our stay in hospital. Since then he has been piling on the pounds and although I haven’t had him weighed for a while, is on the 75th centile for his weight. Three weeks ago he was 12lbs 3oz, so I expect he will be getting on for 14lbs now! At that last weigh-in he also measured 58cm, so has grown 7cm since he was born and is on the 75th centile for that too. He was however on the 91st centile for his head circumference, so we need to get that measured next time we go, as they want to keep an eye on how fast it’s growing. He doesn’t stand a chance though…Mark and I both have huge heads, so he really couldn’t escape that!



– He is now holding his head much more securely. I can hold him up on my shoulder with just one hand now and he keeps his head pretty steady. It’s slightly unreliable though and he can suddenly nose dive when you least expect it! It seems to be taking him quite a while to get a strong neck, but that might have something to do with him hating tummy time and refusing to cooperate. And perhaps having a massive head doesn’t help either!

– He is now smiling a lot. This was quite a long time coming, but he now looks up at us with the most gorgeous little grin. He’s particularly smiley in the mornings, but this evening after he had finished his bedtime bottle, he was all cuddled up against me and looked up and gave me a cheeky little grin. It sounds cliched, but it really does make it all worth it.

– He has just started to use his hands with slightly more purpose. A couple of days ago, Mark was holding him and he was looking at me, then reached out his hand and grabbed my bottom lip. It was a very decisive action and the first time I’ve seen him do anything like that. He lies on his playmat and thrashes about a lot, hitting and then grabbing the toys that hang down, but this was different – much more measured. It seemed like a pretty big step, anyway.

– Millar has always been very alert. Even in the photos when we were in hospital people were commenting on how alert he looked. This has gone from strength to strength and he is so inquisitive. His eyes will follow people when they come in or go out of the room and he will turn his head in response to sounds and voices. His favourite thing is faces and he will study your face totally mesmerised.

– He has suddenly become incredibly chatty. He gurgles and coos all day long, chatting to himself in mirrors and escalating them to shouts at me if he thinks I am being too slow in respnding to what he wants. This makes a change from the screaming anyway…! He is starting to make more consonant sounds, particularly a ‘g’ sound. It kind of sounds like a-ga! when he talks. Perhaps he’s showing expensive cooking appliance taste already!

– I can now put him to bed wide awake and he will chat himself to sleep. This is huge progress after hours of rocking him to sleep and carefully trying to place him in his crib without him waking up. I still do this in the middle of the night after his bottle, but he’s usually fallen to sleep drinking so it’s not too difficult.


Millar has always been amazing at night. From the first week or so, he has slept for a long stretch when he first goes to bed, then shorter periods after. When I was breastfeeding he didn’t go quite as long, but was still impressive. Last night, he slept right through the night. I put him into his crib at about 9pm (we’d had a busy evening) and then we went to bed at about 11. At 5.30am, I woke up totally confused, not knowing whether I had fed him or not. But I hadn’t – he had slept all that time! He was also quite happy in his crib, gurgling away. I fed him, rocked him back to sleep and he then slept on my chest until about 9am! A very impressive night! Usually, he will wake up for a feed at about 2/3am and then go back in his crib for a few hours. He often does wake up at about 5.30, but doesn;t always want a feed. I can often just bring him into bed with me and he’ll sleep a bit longer. Having a routine of bath, massage, bottle, bed has really helped, although I’m not strict on timings. It really depends when he’s due his last feed.

Daytime naps are much more difficult, but we are getting the hang of it. I’ve decided just to stop stressing about it. If he wants to sleep on me, then fine. The one thing I make sure I do, is an hour’s dog walk every morning. He will sleep in the carrier, so I then know he’s had a good long nap each morning. He won’t sleep in his crib or in a moses basket in the day, so I have to grab whatever sleep he offers me!


Since he has been on ranitidine for his reflux, feeding has become a lot easier. He no longer seems to be really uncomfortable during and after eating, and this has made life much more pleasant. He is still sick quite a bit, but it doesn’t seem to hurt, as the ranitidine neutralises the acid in the stomach. It has been a bit of a godsend, and given me a much happier little boy.

He is now totally on formula, which I have made my peace with and actually has plenty of benefits. I still like to do the majority of feeds, and I like to cuddle him to me close, as if I was breastfeeding him, as I think the cuddle is such an important part of feeding. He has Hipp Organic formula and has 6oz every 3-4 hours. He doesn’t always finish it all, but quite often drains the whole thing!

Quirky mannerisms

– If you blow gently on his face, he makes this really cute little noise where he sort of gasps and then grins. It’s utterly adorable.

– He will lie for hours on a mat, kicking his legs, sort of stepping them in turn. He does it so vigorously that he wears himself out doing this.

– He loves to suck his wrist…which is a little bizarre! He’s got a stong suck though, and has given himself little love bites all up his fore-arm. I’ve tried giving him a dummy, and sometimes he wants it and other times spits it out in favour of his wrist!


Millar’s favourite things

I did a post on this recently, but briefly, his favourite things include:

– His playmat and Jungle Gym. He absolutely loves it.

– Baths – however hard he has been screaming beforehand, once he is in the water he is totally happy. He lies back, with his head submerged so only his face is showing, looks at me with wide eys and gurgles away happily. I love bathing him as he clearly enjoys it so much. I used to massage him before a bath, but I now do it after, so I can rub some coconut oil into his skin to stop it drying out.

– Nappy changes – he loves to lie on his changing mat and particularly loves nappy off time (and weeing all over Mummy) so we often take our time over this and have a bit of a play at the same time.

– Sport on TV. He is definitely his father’s son. I think it’s because the bright colours move so much, but he is totally absorbed by sport. He watched the last 20km of the Tour de France stage today without so much as a grumble!


Things that make him cross

– The car stopping in traffic – how dare you stop the nice rumbly motion!?

– Staying in one place for too long. He has a short attention span and generally gets bored after 20 minutes, so I find filling a day with things to keep him occupied quite a challenge!

– Taking too long over getting his bottle ready. You just can’t get the staff these days…

– Being put down when he doesn’t want to be! Or in his bouncer – he really hates that!

– Mummy staying in bed when he’s ready to get up and play. That’s simply not on.

– Shops. They’re boring.


At his 6 week check, the GP detected a small heart murmur and has referred him to a cardiologist. I really don’t think there is anything wrong with his hear though. Firstly, he was in special care for 5 days after he was born, so I’m sure they would have spotted it if there was a problem, and secondly, he was going batshit crazy on the bed when the doctor was trying to listen to his heart, flapping his arms and legs like a crazy thing. I’m pretty sure it would have been difficult for him to hear his heart clearly, and he had to listen four times. Hopefully all will be fine.

His reflux is much better now, being on ranitidine. He is pretty prone to constipation, so I try to give him cool boiled water regularly to keep things moving. He is a complete nightmare with constipation, so it’s worth keeping on top of it!

Activities we regularly do

– Boob group – I went along to a breastfeeding group when Millar was two weeks old and met some of the loveliest poeple ever. I still go every week even though I’m not breastfeeding any more. It’s more of a social thing, but Millar enjoys himself and there are lots of new toys to look at.

– Lazy Daisy Tinies class – These are amazing and Millar loves them. I did the Lazy Daisy birthing classes and knew I wanted to do the baby classes too. They’re full of songs, movement and socialising for the babies, with some massage and relaxation too. It’s one of my favourite things each week.

– NCT group meet-ups. I made good friends with a couple of the girls from my NCT group and we regularly have coffee and chat with the babies. It gets me out of the house and gives Millar a change of scene too.


It’s been a rollercoaster of a couple of months, but Millar is so much fun now and generally lovely to be around. I’m looking forward to what the summer will bring!