Millar’s amber teething anklet


I was never that sure about amber beads for babies. It seemed a bit more hippy than I was comfortable with and so hadn’t really thought much about using them for Millar.

But about a month ago, I was getting through sachet after sachet of Teetha and Millar still was so dribbly and chewing his hands frantically. I thought it wouldn’t hurt, so did a bit of googling and found Amber Anklets. I liked the idea of an anklet rather than a necklace as I’m a bit paranoid about him choking himself.

Amber is supposed to work by releasing a natural anti-inflammatory when warmed up against the skin.

The anklet arrived super fast and when it came I put it straight on him. He’s a chunky 5 months and it’s still a little big, but I always put it under a babygro or under a sock, so it doesn’t matter and I guess it means it will last throughout our teething journey.

It’s hard to tell what effect it’s having, as it isn’t instant. It was more a case that suddenly I realised I hadn’t given Millar any Teetha for a few days – none at all. He still gets a little bit dribbly, but isn’t soaking through all his clothes by lunchtime any more, and definitely seems less aggravated by his teeth.

And to top it all off, this week he cut his first tooth – and I didn’t even realise! It wasn’t until he gave my hand a good munch and I felt it biting me that I noticed! He hadn’t been any more grizzly or unhappy and had made no fuss at all. He’s been wearing the anklet day and night for the last few weeks and I’m sure this is why this tooth caused so few problems.

So I no longer see it as a strange hippy mother thing – it’s one very useful, very important piece of baby kit that I wouldn’t be without!

If I had to find one criticism about the anklet, it would be that the beads are a little sharp. I think next time I would go for one with smooth beads, as he sometimes gets a little upset if it slips down onto the bony bit of his ankle and he lies on it. There are smooth options, so I probably should have chosen one of these.

I wasn’t paid for or asked I write this review – I bought an anklet to see if it worked…and it did – so I thought I’d share my experience. 🙂

Update: the lovely Tamara from Amber Anklets has offered to send me a smooth bead anklet for Millar to try! Excited to see how this compares 🙂