A special memory

Since I’m sort of half doing the Blog Every Day August from the blog at Outmumbered, I thought I would tie in with the post I am supposed to write for that today.
Today is about a special memory and this is one I’ve been thinking about a bit recently. Anyone who has used mummy forums will be familiar with the ludicrous number of acronyms used. Well my special memory is the day I got my BFP – the day I discovered I was pregnant. It wasn’t that we had been TTC (trying to conceive) for a long time – but the overwhelming range of emotions that day are etched into my mind.

I’d thought about being pregnant and starting a family for a long time. It hadn’t been the right time before, but we’d decided to stop trying not to conceive and see what happened. If nothing happened, we’d get married and try a bit harder. Turns out it happened rather quickly!

It had been about a week of wondering. I went back to school (I’m a teacher – not a teenager!) on September 1st and was expecting my period (or AF in silly acronyms – ‘Aunt Flo’ apparently!!) any day. I kept assuming it would come the next day but it didn’t. By the following Sunday morning it was getting ridiculous. I had a shower and looked in the mirror. Something about my boobs looked different. I tried to rationalise it. I spoke to Mark and told him I was late. We didn’t think too much of it – I had been late in the past and it had tuned out to be nothing. But we decided to Go into Ipswich that day and pick up a pregnancy test. I didn’t want to buy one where we live – too many school children around!!

We bought the test, came home and I said I was going to ride my horse. Apparently that was not allowed – I had to get upstairs and pee on a stick. I remember feeling a bit silly – like it would all be a false alarm and I’d feel stupid for having wasted time and money. I dutifully read the instructions – wee on the stick and wait 3 minutes. A cross is pregnant – a straight line is not pregnant.

Well it didn’t take 3 minutes.


About 3 seconds later it was very obvious. I was pregnant. We were going to have a baby. Total disbelief, shock, fear, excitement and panic washed over me in waves. I went downstairs wide-eyed and handed Mark the test. I sat on the sofa and we stared at it and each other for a few minutes.

Those feelings feel million miles away now as I lie in bed cuddling my 3 month old baby!! But it’s a day I will never forget and it changed our lives forever 🙂


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