Things Millar loves

I felt a little bad about the negativity of my last post – so thought I’d do a nice one. These are some of the things that rock my baby’s world at the moment.

1. Food. I couldn’t believe it when I met up with my NCT class last week and saw all these babies snacking on their bottles…drifting off or losing interest. Millar sees a bottle as a personal challenge to see how quickly he can drain it. He is definitely his father’s son and happiest when eating!


2. Windows. He absolutely loves the light. At that meet-up, I ended up putting his changing mat on the floor and lying him on it so that he could just stare at the windows. It’s pretty cute – he’s mesmerised.


3. Baths. Provided he isn’t starving or inconsolably screaming, he loves being in the bath. He likes to float and kick his legs, submerging everything but his face. I can’t wait to take him swimming as I think he’ll love it.


4. Car journeys. Probably mostly to do with how much he likes windows! He sits watching the light flickering and changing until he falls asleep.


5. Walks in the baby carrier. Today we went for over an hour. I think I has something to do with the fact that I walked everyday in my pregnancy – the rhythm must feel familiar and comforting – either way he drops off to sleep happily 🙂


6. Falling asleep on me. In fact, that’s where he is right now too. It’s exhausting, but then I don’t want to put him down. I just think…a few minutes longer 😉



One thought on “Things Millar loves

  1. Eek I somehow lost this blog in the shuffle! I’ve missed so much!!! Congrats on your beautiful baby boy. He is so adorable. I’ll be reading back to catch up as soon as possible and I have this one added into my reader so hopefully I won’t miss everything again lol.

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