37 weeks – pregnancy update


So today is the day – I have reached full term and the baby is ‘cooked’. If I were to go into labour now (come on, Baby, you know you want to!) then he would not be considered premature. This is good.

So I thought to mark this occasion, I’d do a proper pregnancy update.

Weight gain:
12kg – although only 200g of that in the last 4 weeks. There are benefits to gestational diabetes!

Stretch marks:
Still none – I’m using some Neals Yard samples I was given at the moment at night which feel lovely – really thick and oily. It does feel a little bit like running marzipan into your belly though…and smells like it too!

Having felt very smug about how well I was sleeping, I’ve suddenly started finding it much more difficult. I’m currently only comfortable if I have 3 pillows and my dream genii pillow – it’s so bizarre as I’ve always been a 1 pillow person! I wake up at about 3 every night desperate for a wee, butthings have improved a bit as I’m not waking as regularly as I was earlier in the week now.

Maternity clothes:
I’ve bought a couple of thinner tops recently from H&M as most of my maternity clothes are for winter. I am really getting bored of my maternity clothes now and am starting to fantasise about clothes that have waistlines now though. Getting my old clothes out of the loft is going to feel like Christmas! I’m looking forward to having a bit more choice in the morning, anyway! I have started buying a few nursing bits and pieces. I’ve got some nursing vest tops and bought some loose shirts to wear over the top. Hopefully that should make breast feeding a bit easier – particularly in public.

Best moment this week:
Being told by my consultant that I’m doing really well with my gestational diabetes diet and that they’re happy for me to stay diet controlled. This is such a relief as I was really scared they would put me on metformin due to a few high readings. Also a lovely afternoon with two of the girls from my NCT class. I’m so glad that I did the classes as I think we’re going to have lots of fun once our babies arrive. And starting Lazy Daisy classes again – I absolutely love love love them. Ooh and reaching 37 weeks today – lots of ‘best’ moments this week!

Worst moment this week:
Saying goodbye to my mum for the last time before I have the baby – somehow that made it scary and real.

Miss anything:
Sugar, mainly. And being able to get off the sofa without a big heave and a groan! But really, just sugar. My mother in law has instructions to bring Cadbury’s Creme Eggs to the hospital once I’ve had the baby!

Loads. Some days more than others, but it gets quite uncomfortable in the evenings. I have to sit up quite straight otherwise it feels like Baby is trying to break my ribs!

Food cravings:
Not really. I wouldn’t say I’m craving sugar. Although I had to rush out and catch the local Co-op before it shut tonight to get a bottle of diet coke as I just *had* to have it.

Anything making you queasy or sick:
Nope – and since changing my diet with gestational diabetes my heartburn has totally disappeared.

A boy! So excited to meet him…

Labour signs:
Nothing really. My Braxton Hicks are stronger and much more frequent, but nothing else. My midwife said the baby’s head is low, but not engaged yet, so I’m doing lots of walking and bouncing on a birthing ball to try to encourage him downwards! At the scan this week he is measuring spot on where he should be – just slightly above the 50th percentile on the growth charts. Which is good, as my bump is measuring small – 33cm at 36 weeks. I’m having a cervical assessment next Tuesday and potentially a sweep that day, as well as booking my induction date, so it won’t be long!!

Nesting a lot…still… I’ve stopped organising quite so manically but I’m still spending a lot of time washing things and getting the nursery sorted.

Looking forward to:
It all actually happening! It feels like you spend months preparing, but you can’t really know what it’ll be like. I’ll be so glad to have him here and start the next stage!


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