My Hospital Bag

My appointment at the hospital went well this morning – they’re happy with my blood sugar (even with the few little blips I’ve had) and the baby is still well within normal measurement ranges. Which is a relief. They want to see me in two weeks to do a cervical assessment and then potentially a sweep – the idea is that this will make me go into labour naturally, although I will also be booked in for induction some time before 40 weeks. I’m looking into acupuncture – more about that another time.
But as it’s all getting rather close, I thought I’d show you all my hospital bag. I had no idea what to take, so if you have any other suggestions then do let me know.

In the bag for me:

– A cheap dark coloured nightdress to give birth in – with buttons to open for skin to skin contact after birth
– A nicer nightdress in case I have to stay in longer – suitable for breast feeding
– A thin dark coloured dressing gown
– cheap slippers that can be thrown away
– Flip flops
– An eye mask – to try to help me get some sleep!
– A cheap primark bikini in case I’m allowed in a bath or birthing pool
– Cheap knickers in two different styles (low rise ones and high waisted)


– A pack of maternity towels
– A pack of breast pads
– A razor
– A toothbrush
– My shampoo, conditioner and shower gel decanted into small bottles
– Dry shampoo
– Lip balm
– Deodorant
– Cooling face spray
– Hairbands
– Hairbrush


– Dark coloured bath towel
– Face cloths
– 2 pairs of yoga pants
– A nursing vest
– A long sleeve nursing top
– A nursing bra


– A book to read
– A book of logic problems (I love these!)
– A notebook and pen
– A packet of sugar free hard sweets


I will pack my phone and charger as we’re leaving, as this has all of my music on it as well.

I will also pack my wash bag and make up bag just before we go – I couldn’t be bothered to duplicate all of my stuff!

In the bag for the baby:

– 23 newborn size nappies
– Cotton wool
– Sudocrem
– Ready made formula, in case I can’t breast feed
– 2 bibs
– A pair of socks (I’ve heard GD babies can have poor circulation at first)
– 2 pairs of scratch mits
– A cuddly toy – to make the hospital crib more homely!


– 3 small muslins
– A swaddling muslin
– A swaddle blanket
– A cellular blanket


– 2 newborn size white vests (up to 7.5lbs)
– 2 newborn size white sleepsuits
– 2 ‘up to 1 month’ size vests (up to 10lbs)
– 2 ‘up to 1 month’ sleepsuits

These are in plastic bags and labelled – I have no idea how big Baby will be, so wanted to have the right size clothing for him!



– A going home outfit in each size. These are just slightly more interesting sleepsuits. In up to 7.5lbs there is a pale blue stars sleepsuit, and in up to 10lbs there is a dark blue little birds sleepsuit. I also have a gorgeous little blue cardigan with rabbits on – complete with pompom tails- which I hope he will wear to leave the hospital.


So that’s it! I haven’t packed anything for Mark yet, as if the worst comes to the worst he can do that himself! It’s a relief having it all ready.

I’d be interested to know if you had anything else in yours or if you can think of anything I’ve left out!



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