Review: Pregnancy+ App

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I’d like to try the Pregnancy+ app for my phone from Health & Parenting. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on my phone and also a ridiculous amount of time reading about babies and learning about what’s in store, so it seemed like a no-brainer! I jumped at the chance!

I do already have a few pregnancy apps and one in particular has been my go-to place throughout my whole pregnancy. So, although I was looking forward to trying it, I didn’t know if I needed a new one, per se. I’d give it a go, but wasn’t sure I’d get into the habit of checking it daily.

But I did. I really like this app. There are so many features that I haven’t found on others I’ve tried. I like that the welcome page immediately tells you how many days you have left and that the most useful links are all there on the first page. There are the usual pages that tell you how big your baby is and what it’s up to this week – and of course the obligatory fruit/vegetable comparison! But the feature I like best is the daily blog. These seem really relevant and are always well written and interesting. I genuinely go to the app each day to read the blog; they are personal, well-researched and entertaining. I haven’t found that on any other site – they so often seem a bit generic and dull.


The app also has a calendar function where you can input any important appointments and events – I’ve found this really useful as it helps me remember when my various midwife and hospital appointments are. Since getting gestational diabetes, I have had a lot more appointments, so the fact that it has reminders that come up to tell you when they are is great. I can be pretty disorganised and this just gives another layer of organisation to help me out!


I like the weight gain chart (although dislike seeing it rise so rapidly!) and there’s a feature for looking up baby names and recording your favourites in a short list, which is really useful. I also really like the movement counter, as if I’m concerned at all that I haven’t been feeling as much movement one day, I put that on and just reassure myself. There is a contraction timer too – obviously I haven’t had to use that yet, but it might be useful!

This app doesn’t do anything (that I’ve found) that other apps don’t do, but I like that it’s all in one place. I have a baby names app, a baby size app, a daily progress app and a weight gain app already, but the fact that this records everything very accessibly and clearly, all in one place is great. There is a check list for virtually everything, including what to pack in hospital bags, much of which I hadn’t thought of or seen on various other lists there are. It seems to take you right through labour too, with different positions suggested and breathing techniques. There really isn’t room in a blog post to tell you everything the app does – it’s really very impressive and seems to cover everything you could possibly want.


I don’t think it will entirely replace the app that has been my favourite all along. I like the forum feature on that other app, where you are immediately in touch with everyone due in the same month as you, and Pregnancy+ doesn’t have this. But it’s a shame that the other app doesn’t take a few lessons in user-friendly design and functionality from Pregnancy+ – it’s so easy to navigate and feels intuitive and simple, with all the features easy to find and exactly where you would expect them to be.

I was given the app free to try, but would definitely spend the money on it. The iTunes link is here. It really does give you all the information you need right from day one of your pregnancy.


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