Week 36 (eek!)

I used to find it really irritating when blogs that I read began with ‘I can’t believe I’m ‘x number’ of weeks already – that’s crazy’! But I definitely feel that way now. I always thought pregnancy would go slowly and would really drag. The first 12 weeks did and perhaps it was in those weeks, where I watched endless youtube vlogs and read lots of pregnancy blogs, that I couldn’t imagine it going fast. But fast it has gone.

I am now 35+2 weeks and have finished work. We broke up for Easter on Friday, so I have three weeks of Easter holidays, then my maternity leave starts on the 22nd April. It is very odd to think that I won’t be going back after the holidays. Particularly when I think about my A level students preparing for their exams!

My gestational diabetes means that I will probably be induced on or around my due date. As my due date is a Sunday, it is likely to be before the weekend, as it’s a bank holiday weekend and it might be leaving it too long to wait until after that. So in my head, I’m preparing myself to be induced on around the 1st or 2nd of May. This may change, and I have another scan and appointment with my consultant and obstetrician next week, where I am really hoping they might be able to give me a few more concrete details. After last time, I won’t get my hopes up. It was so incredibly vague and not terribly helpful.

I’m getting on alright with the diabetes though – last week I made this lemon drizzle cake, which was surprisingly good. I could tell it was genuinely good and not just ‘I have diabetes and am so deprived of sugar that I’ll eat anything’ good, as Mark ate it – voluntarily!


At my midwife appointment on Monday last week, the midwife scared me a little by telling me the baby’s head is very low down. As Mark has gone skiing for a week this weekend, it made me a little nervous. So I packed my hospital bags and got contingency plans in place in case baby decides to put in a (very) early appearance before Mark’s back from the school ski trip.

I’ve been getting a few symptoms this last week too – my Braxton Hicks seem to have intensified and can be really uncomfortable at times, particularly when I have a full bladder! I’ve been feeling quite a lot of pressure too, which I guess is to be expected if the baby’s head is engaged, as the midwife said. I have also been nesting like a maniac – washing and ironing all the baby’s clothes up to 3 months, then organising them into his drawers (after obsessively scrubbing these within an inch of their lives!) and getting the room a bit more ready.



My pram has arrived, which is ridiculously exciting, and apparently the carrycot has now come too – although I haven’t seen it yet, as I’ve come up to my parents’ house for a few days’ relaxation (to get me away from the nesting!) and will have to wait until I get home to play with that! I did put the pram up the other day though – obviously to check that it was all there and all worked (not at all to get uber excited and push it round my kitchen with a teddy in it!)


And next week we are getting a few bits to decorate the nursery. I don’t want to go overboard, but we’re getting some curtains and a cot set, with a matching lamp shade and perhaps some wall stickers to liven it up a little. I can’t wait now – I absolutely love spending time in the room, imagining what it will be like to be in there with our baby. It shouldn’t be too long!

So here is my 35+2 week bump – I feel enormous now! I’ve gone from everyone telling me how tiny I am, to everyone saying ‘Gosh, you’ve really grown!’ I have lots of posts to come in the next few days – including a review of an amazing pregnancy app I’ve been using, and a review of my Lazy Daisy hypnobirthing classes I’ve been going to. I start them again next week and am so glad. The NCT classes have been great, but all the technical details are quite alarming; I’m looking forward to relaxing about the whole process again.




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