Pregnancy 28+4 weeks – a mad few weeks!


It’s been a rather crazy few weeks. Moving house, while stressful at chaotic at the time, seems to be even more time-consuming afterwards. I’ve had utilities to sort out, lofts to get boarded (didn’t do this myself, funnily enough!), addresses to change, guest rooms to get sorted out for visitors over the last couple of weekends, and what feels like many many more things.

Add to this the fact that my grandmother died on Friday and I’ve been dealing with the range of emotions that has provoked, as well as being near the end of one of the busiest half terms ever, and you can see why I haven’t been blogging enough! I have written about my grandmother’s death over at thelittlepip and I’ve been blogging at mummy and little me too, about choosing baby names and having baby showers, amongst other things, so I’d love it if you had a look at those. But I’ve been neglecting my own blog, which is bad of me.

Through all of this, the baby keeps me entertained on a daily basis. He’s moving so much now – rolling around and wriggling about, sometimes giving me what feel like punches and other times just little tickles. I love it when I feel him move about first thing in the morning and then last thing at night – I’m starting to really feel so close to this little baby. I know that sounds clichéd, but I hadn’t really anticipated the bond that happens before you give birth.

I’ve still got horrendous back ache and am really struggling by the evening each day; it’s really high up – between my shoulder blades – and makes anything where I have to stand or sit really painful. The only thing I’ve found that helps is lying on a golf ball, with it digging right into the muscle that’s tight. It doesn’t get rid of it, but definitely eases it. I had an amazing massage last week to try to sort it out. While it was heavenly at the time (a proper sports massage, where she dug really deep into the muscles – none of that soft, gentle soothing crap – bliss!), it came back pretty quickly, which I was disappointed about. It makes teaching rather challenging when all I can think about is how sore my back is.

But the pregnancy is steaming ahead and I can’t really believe that I’m nearly 29 weeks already. Early on, when I was about 6 or 7 weeks, it used to really irritate me when I read blogs or watched vlogs where people who were really far along said how fast their pregnancies were going. Mine dragged so much at the beginning – every day seemed to take forever. Now, it is genuinely flying by. I am, however, keen to get to the 30 week mark – I think I’ll feel like I’m on the home straight then as the weeks left will be into single figures from there.

In terms of being ready, I think I’m getting there. There are still a few things I haven’t bought – we haven’t got our pram yet, although I’m 95% certain that we’re going for a Baby Jogger City Mini GT with a carrycot for the early weeks. I haven’t found another pushchair that I like as much, although I flirted with the idea of a FAR more expensive icandy peach jogger for a while. I just prefer the compactness of the folded Baby Jogger and that the seat looks like it will be big enough to last for years. The icandy seats are pretty tiny.

City Mini GT

We have been so lucky that we’ve been able to get so much so cheaply from friends. I’ve bought a lot of clothes new, because I’m addicted to the cuteness of baby clothes, but we have stacks of second hand things and this has made the whole thing quite affordable. If we had bought everything new, we’d have spent an absolute fortune.

My favourite thing this week was going to see a friend who has just had a baby a fortnight ago. I got to have cuddles with the tiniest baby I have ever held! She was only 5 lbs 10 when she was born and lost a bit in the first week so she is absolutely minute.  But also absolutely perfect and it was so lovely to hold her. It must have been doing something to my hormones too, as my baby was kicking away happily while I was holding her – I kept thinking it was going to wake her up!

That day, I also had my 28 week midwife appointment. It was the first time she’s measured my bump and I was pleased to hear that at 28+1 weeks, my bump is spot-on, measuring 28cm. I will be back at the doctors a bit more over the next few weeks, as I have a Glucose Tolerance Test in a week’s time and then another midwife appointment to look at the results of that at 31 weeks.

It’s all go! But I will make sure I keep my blog updated much more. I still have my Lazy Daisy classes to write about – my 6 week course of them has finished now, but I loved them so much I’ve signed up to do another 6 just before my due date. But that’s a post for another time!


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