25+3 weeks

This has been quite the most exhausting week. We moved into our own house and are trying to get used to everything there, at the same time as coping with crippling pelvic pain. I’m seeing the physio tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get some kind of relief from that!

One lovely thing this week – I ordered a couple of new maternity tops for work from the Jojo Maman Bebe sale and had totally forgotten that I had slipped a couple of baby clothes into my basket that just seemed too cute I pass up. I am being good though and now buying more 3-6 month clothes. It’s not AS exciting, as I know he won’t be able I wear them for ages…but they are adorable. Here is what I discovered in my parcel – it was like Christmas as I forgotten all about them!

This is a cute little long sleeve top I got for £4. I love the little poppers and the collar!

And then there are these gorgeous little leggings with feet which I just couldn’t resist! Again only £4.

And lastly these little cord pull-ups – how cute are they? And only £6!
Can’t believe I’d forgotten I’d ordered all this. Severe case of baby brain!!

I have a more substantial post to come when I can muster the energy…for now I neeeeeed sleep.


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