A baby haul! (24+3 weeks)


The amazing clothes I picked up second hand today – they are several layers deep in this photo!

I have so many posts that I’m longing to write, but this week has been utterly chaotic and I just haven’t had any time. We are moving house at the weekend, having spent the last couple of weeks finalising very awkward details in the purchase. It’s our first house, so we are so so excited to be moving in on Saturday!

But that meant coming to school this morning was really frustrating. I desperately want to be at home, getting organised for the move. There’s definitely a reason I’ve always moved in school holidays in the past!

Baby-wise, I had a very exciting evening tonight. I went to see a friend whose youngest baby is 9 months now, so she is selling all her baby stuff. She has two boys and a house full of brilliant things.

For the bargain price of £93, I picked up the following:

  • A White Company Moses basket and stand, with a mattress
  • A travel carry-cot
  • a bouncing rocker chair thing
  • A baby donut – to plonk him in to play when he’s bigger, but not able to fully support himself sitting up
  • A musical baby gym
  • A Baby Bjorn carrier
  • A car mirror
  • A changing bag
  • Some teething toys
  • A huge bag full of muslins, towels and flannels
  • Loads of baby socks
  • A big stash of baby clothes ranging from 0-6 months
  • Two gro-bag style sleeping bags

Writing it here now, I can’t quite believe how lucky I’ve been. We’re buying a maxi-cosi cabriofix car seat and base from a friend too for just £50, so we really are doing rather well for stuff now. My mum also announced this evening that she would like to buy our pushchair for us, which I really wasn’t expecting. Everyone is just being so generous. It’s already making me think that when I’m in the position that my friends are in and have finished with all my stuff, I desperately want to help someone else out, as we have been helped.

So it’s been a pretty productive day!

I’ve been doing my pregnancy pilates most days this last week, so I will post a review of my opinions of the DVD as soon as I can.


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