Tomorrow I will be 21 weeks pregnant and thought I would just do a little update on how I am finding everything.

Weight gain:
I don’t weigh myself on principle, but I am slightly dreading being weighed at my midwife appointment on Monday. Last time, at 16 weeks, I had put on 4kgs since becoming pregnant. I put that down to stopping running at around week 7/8 and one of my early symptoms which was having to eat every hour! The midwife said my weight gain should probably slow down after that, but I feel like I’ve been eating like a horse!

Maternity clothes:
I’m mainly wearing the ones I was given by a friend from school – lots of comfy jeans! I like the over bump ones best, but bought myself a pair of jeggings from Sainsburys yesterday as they are quite thick and look like proper jeans, as well as being quite smart. But they have a lovely stretchy waistband – perfect!

Stretch marks:
None yet. I’m using the Palmers cocoa butter stretch mark cream but I don’t know how good it is. Might have a look after Christmas and see which others people recommend.

Sleep has been fine until the last couple of days. I find I’m quite uncomfortable when I go to bed, then wake up at about 4am and can’t sleep again for at least an hour. I’m having to pee in the night now too which I’ve never had to do before.

Mostly dog-walking. Although saying that, I feel like I am doing myself down, as it’s hardly a dog walk and more of a dog march! I keep meaning to go swimming. I definitely will next week. I have been walking for about 45 minutes FAST each day, and really enjoying this. It’s no substitute for running or riding, but it’ll do for now!

Best moment this week:
Of course the scan and seeing our little boy. Still can’t get used to saying ‘him’ rather than ‘it’! Also, feeling lots of movement and kicks – and Mark feeling them too. It really does make it more real.

Worst moment this week:
Having a Christmas dinner on Wednesday but feeling full after about a quarter of it. Since I had cooked it, I ploughed on to the end, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped and that was really disappointing. I wish the baby would grow out a bit more as he’s clearly taking up a lot if room inside rather than pushing out into a proper bump!

Miss anything?
Riding my horse, mainly 😦 but also running.
And brie. And this week, with lots of Christmas celebrating, I’m really missing having a drink. I haven’t missed it at all up to now, but was quite jealous of friends this week!

Mostly in the evenings. Although when I was hungry the other day, the baby was really protesting and letting me know that he did NOT appreciate me leaving it that long between meals!

Food cravings:
Bacon. Actually any relatively unhealthy meat products like sausage rolls and bacon sandwiches yummm…

None really – other than having to pee more frequently and getting out if breath more easily.

Pretty good. I do have a quicker temper than usual though and get quite irrationally angry at Mark. This week I accidentally shut the car boot in Mark’s head. He (obviously) shouted in pain and I got really cross at him for shouting at me. Totally irrational. Crazy pregnant lady.

Looking forward to:
Christmas! And seeing my sister who lives in Palestine and I haven’t seen since the summer. Baby related – I’m looking forward to shopping in the January sales!

Excuse the wet hair and the mess – but here’s the (sort of) bump at 20+6!




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