Maternity dresses – Pregnancy Week 20

I had a mild panic this weekend. My boyfriend had previously forgotten to inform me that an event we are going to tonight has a ‘black tie’ dress code. I don’t think it has to be especially glamorous, but it does require a dress. And that posed something of a problem!

Some of my tighter stretchy dresses do still fit me, but with the absence of a proper ‘bump’ yet and the fact that I simply look like I’ve eaten a big lunch, I’m not feeling much like wearing figure-hugging dresses right now!

So I had to embrace the maternity-wear market and buy myself a dress. I simply don’t go to enough functions to make a really glitzy maternity dress worthwhile, so I wanted one that I could potentially wear even I school if I wanted to. There are no shops selling maternity-wear near me and I was too late to buy online… so I had to brave it and go to mothercare.

I was actually quite impressed. I got this dress for this evening’s Christmas do: (please excuse the mess and the lack of makeup!)


from Mothercare – £35

And I also it this one in a sale, reduced to £18. It will be great for school once I start getting bigger. Right now, I think it makes me look more pregnant than I actually am (not really the desired effect at school at the moment – until I’ve told my students!).


From Mothercare – £28 reduced to £18

So I’m pretty pleased. I’ll wait until the January sales to look for skirts/trousers for school as I’m kind of struggling to do mine up now so I shall soon have to admit defeat!






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