Week 19

Cathy Thorne Cartoon

I can’t believe it’s Week 19 already. I know every pregnant blogger says that about every week, but given how deathly slow the first trimester went, this one is racing by. Being crazily busy at work might have something to do with it; Christmas approaching might have something to do with it too; and also just feeling less stressed and enjoying chatting to people about the baby really helps.

For the last week or so I’ve been feeling what I think is the baby moving about a bit. I think it’s about this time that you’re supposed to feel little ‘flutters’ but at times I haven’t been sure whether it’s the baby or a muscle just twinging slightly in my belly. Who knows. But lately there has definitely been some movement. I woke up on Saturday morning and, as I usually do, had a little bit of a feel of my bump and spent some time just holding it and bonding a bit.

But what made me laugh out loud on Saturday was how distorted my belly looked. I sleep on my side, but had rolled onto my back when I woke up – the bump in my belly was really pronounced, but all over to one side. It was like the baby was curled up in the right hand side of my belly and refusing to move. It was so funny I had to wake Mark up to show him. I could feel some little tickling sensations over on the left, so I guess its feet must have been over there, and the rest of it squished to the right. Very odd. But amazing too.

I am desperately trying to get to the Christmas holidays in just over a week’s time without having to buy any maternity clothes for work. A friend gave me a big bag of casual maternity clothes which I have already started wearing a bit, but on the whole, my work clothes have been ok so far. I haven’t told my students that I’m pregnant yet – mainly because I want to be certain how I will be covered before I tell them, as they are bound to be concerned – particularly my A level students.

I have had to be a bit inventive with clothes though. Even my ‘fat’ skirt that I can always wear, even on fat days, wouldn’t do up today and I had to wear it with the zip half undone. One of my smart dresses is ok, but my bump is a bit obvious in it and so I have to wear a really long scarf to hide it. I did have one trouser disaster last week where I took a pair of trousers to work that I haven’t worn for a while; as I work away from home, I only take my clothes for those days. Well…these trousers didn’t even meet, let alone do up. I had to wear them almost entirely undone, with a bump band over the top to cover the fact!

It’s a bit frustrating really – now that most people know, all I hear is ‘Well you don’t look pregnant’. I know I’ll miss that, but as none of my clothes fit me, I certainly FEEL pregnant!

I was surreptitiously doing some name research in class today though. There are two boys in one of my classes both with a name that I really like. I was enquiring about whether their names ever get abbreviated, as I really don’t like the abbreviation very much. Turns out neither of them do – good news!

It’s funny – we have really only been talking about boys’ names. I don’t know whether that’s becasue girls’ names are easier, or whether I have some kind of intuition. I do have a feeling that it is a boy…but I really have no preference at all.

I just can’t wait to find out on December 16th!


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