The Latest Plan (18+3 weeks)

From further research and some mighty helpful advice from my good friend Rachel at The Little Pip, I *think* I might have found the pram I want. I know it seems silly to be wanting it finalised now, but I really need a good idea before sales start in January. I also have a feeling that next term (I’m a teacher) between January and April, is going to fly by. Spreading the cost before maternity pay misery kicks in will be vital.

So the verdict – for well over a week now (!), I have had my mind set on one pram – which is impressive. I had previously been changing my mind daily. Sometimes several times a day.

I ruled out the Bugaboo Camelion in the end, as a) I didn’t think the wheels would stand up to the sand and grass at the stables, and b) as Rachel pointed out, I wouldn’t get a warranty buying second hand.

So it has to be a new one. And it has to have tough wheels. As I said in my last post, it also has to work with a carrycot and car seat too, and be small enough to pack into the boot with lots and lots of other stuff. That’s another mark against the Camelion.

I came across the Baby Jogger brand randomly on the Baby Centre forum on my phone. Initially, I looked at the Baby Jogger City Elite, as it looks great for off road and looks huge so can last the baby for years.

City Elite

But reviews said it was really heavy and quite big when folded. I also wondered how sensible it was to go for one that is primarily an off-road pushchair. Surely I will be doing most of my pushing on smoothish surfaces and will probably use a baby carrier for any more exuberant walking… so do I really need huge (heavy) all-terrain wheels?

So a little delving on the Baby Jogger website led me to stumble across the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. It’s small when folded, ridiculously easy to fold (from what I can see on YouTube reviews), easy to push and steer, has all-terrain wheels but they’re small and compact, has carrycot adaptors, car seat adaptors…and pretty much everything I wanted really!

My first issue with it was that it only faces forwards, so when using it in its pushchair mode you can’t interact with the baby, but then the carrycot and car seat both face backwards so if I am really worried to begin with, I could use those. Also, I read in a book about a woman who had paid a fortune for a swivel seat so it could face either way and the baby screamed and screamed if it couldn’t faceforwards and see the world!

City Mini GT

It does have a HUGE seat and I think a newborn baby might look a bit swamped to begin with, but then I found one of these – it’s a Diono Cuddle Soft – and decided that would be fine. The seat lies flat, so it does say it’s suitable for a newborn.


I really can’t find many faults with it. I haven’t found anywhere to try it out yet, as there aren’t many shops that stock it – it’s often an online exclusive with most of the main brands. I think some shops have the City Mini standard (not the GT) and all that’s really different is the wheels, so I could probably try one of those.

We went to Mamas and Papas on Sunday, after I had seen this Baby Jogger online, and I couldn’t see anything that was as suitable for us. I still LOVE the Bugaboo – particularly the Buffalo with its huge chunky tyres… but seeing someone being shown how to put it up and down made me very nearly laugh out loud – it’s ENORMOUS! And fiddly to put up. And bloody expensive.

So I’m pretty happy at the moment with my choice – I have yet to see anything I like more, and I feel like this might be the answer to the conundrum. I’ll keep you posted!


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