The pram conundrum

Prams. The mind boggles. As I know this will be our biggest purchase, I am really keen to get it right. My feeling is that I think it would be better to buy a really good one second hand rather than a cheaper one new. But I have no idea even which would be best.

What I’m looking for:

  • A travel system, to include a seat unit, a carrycot and car seat, although I’m prepared to purchase the car seat separately. I hope to use the carrycot for daytime naps too, so this element is important.
  • Something not too bulky when folded, as we often travel with a lot of stuff, including dog and all his paraphernalia.
  • Something fairly manoeuvrable around shops and through doorways.
  • Something suitable for walks on forest tracks and grass, so dainty little wheels are probably a no-go.
  • A forward and rear facing seat, as I want the option of either.
  • It must be fairly easy to put up and down.

Am I asking too much? I was thinking of a Bugaboo Cameleon, as they seem to be affordable second hand and in good condition, but I’m just not sure about it on rougher terrain.

And THEN…I saw this on a group I’m on on facebook – and I thought it looked good…but I’m worried that it doesn’t appear to have swivel wheels. Would that be a problem? Does it make it much harder to turn corners? It’s a Mamas and Papas Ultima 6 in 1 travel system.


I am finding the whole thing ridiculously complicated. Then I think I should wait and see what deals there are in the January sales…but then if I’m going for second hand, perhaps I don’t need to?

In practical terms, it would be best to wait until after we have moved house at the end of December, but if this is a real bargain (it’s only £110!) then perhaps I should go for it.

I think I need to step away from the prams for a while!


4 thoughts on “The pram conundrum

  1. It’s a big decision, a pram, and you need to be happy with it because there will be occasions when you and the baby will be fighting over how to use it!

    On the whole we were happy with our maxi-cosi one, but, it was a little too large for a London bus, so every time I used it on a bus, it made me stressed.

    At the risk of sounding patronising, my top tips/things to consider (as a 2 time pram owner) would be:

    – choose where you buy it based on warranty length and repair service as well as price. for example, Boots, where we bought ours, was a good price and offer a 2 year warranty but no loan pram, so we struggled with getting ours repaired. I wouldn’t recommend them.

    – second hand is good as you can get a good pram for a good deal, but also there is no warranty. preloved is better than ebay I think as you can agree a price. We have been very happy with our second hand micralite.

    – use: bus or mainly car? if car, get one you can easily fold up quickly and even better, with one hand. and obviously one that fits in your boot.

    – car seat – the advice is only to get 2nd hand if you know & trust the previous owner hasn’t been in an accident. it is really useful having a seat which will attach to your wheels, especially in the early days.

    – swivel wheels are pretty essential, I think, for negotiating shops, public transport etc. if you want woodland walks etc I think you might need big wheels & I think swivel will be helpful. our micralite wheels come off, which is useful for mud and packing up into a car.

    – bear in mind that although the travel system do last until child is 3 etc, in practical terms your needs may change once/if your child goes to nursery for example. we have to have a light folding buggy for nursery – we couldn’t use our old 2 piece travel system as they don’t have the space. so while you think you might be buying it for 3 years plus use, we ended up getting a second one at 12 months. second hand might be better?

    – consider the shopping basket, how easy is it to load up with stuff on the handle bars etc.

    – where is the brake? how easy is it to use? our foot pedals seemed good, but they also failed, and, being constantly on the bus, a hand operated brake would have been more useful.

    – how does the handle change position? Ours was good in that it could easily be altered for both me and M, but it didn’t make the buggy any smaller. ones that retract (such as bugaboo) or can be completely tucked in (like our micralite) can be more practical.

    – I liked that our maxi cosi buggy laid flat, so the baby could sleep flat. we never ended up having a carricot, as the buggy laid flat, came with a baby nest and we had a basket at home for her to sleep in at home. as she was a spring/summer baby, the weather was never freezing and she was out of the carricot by the next autumn. that saved us £200 ish.

    wow. looks like I have a lot to say about prams… hope something in that was useful!

  2. Thank you so much. I have since found one that I *think* may be perfect, and actually heeds a lot of the advice you have given. But a couple of things here, such as the warranty, I had meet thought of, so that’s really useful – thank you. I will post about my choice very soon! (I’m a little excited!!)

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